Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Miniature Marie Antoinette updates, and a new project on my plate

I'm a little tired out after my company left but I've managed a little work on my Marie Antoinette set.  It's not cleaned up yet after all the handling from me working on it so there are a few visible boo boos in these pictures especially on the mirror.  All of that will be cleaned off in the end.  I decided it needed a few frou frou touches here and there to posh it up a bit.  This is based on Marie Antoinette after all :)  And I pulled off one of the brass pedestal dishes to make way for the forthcoming stand and wig.  The other matching pedestal on the other side I made into a fancy little rose flower arrangement.  So flowers on one side, fancy wig on the other :)  I have to make a little jewel dish for the bare side as well.  There will be more on this in time.  I'm just a little tired out right now.  The side chest of drawers has a little sign on it with Marie's famous saying "Let them eat cake" and beside it is a lovely pink filigree cake stand I made.  There's just no cake on it yet because I'm not at that point yet.  I still have a little painting to do on the furniture because I saw some flaws when I took it out into natural light to photograph it today.  Those will be cleaned up and fixed as well.  I want this set as close to perfect as I can get it in the end :)  I figure if no one buys it I can always keep it :)  I like putting out minis just for decoration in my house in random areas.  I think this would be darling in the bathroom or bedroom on a shelf :)  Who ever said minis couldn't be regularly displayed wherever you want in your home?  I like them wherever I want them!  Hehe.  If it's crazy I don't care because it's my house after all :)  Well anyway, here's what little I have done so far:

Yikes this does need cleaned up a bit.  But you get the idea anyway.  I get things all goobed up while I'm working on them and then I clean them up well before the final reveal :o  Oh wells, ya know :)

One last thing, I have just recently watched Sweeney Todd for the first time and have fallen in love with it :)  I can't believe I haven't seen it before now.  I guess it's because the whole musical thing put me off.  I figured it would be annoying.  And it was for my husband, so maybe it's not much of a guy thing.  Don't know.  Me being the Tim Burton fan that I am though, I should have given it a chance.  Finally curiosity got the better of me after seeing some great minis based on it.  I bought a copy on ebay cheap and instantly was smitten with it :)  It's not your regular musical by any means.  Yes there is a ton of singing but the whole theme is horror based so it's ok in the end.  I will admit I can't watch the murder scenes well.  I end up looking away.  But the rest is so charming I forgive those icky scenes.  It's darling if you watch it closely and pay attention to the plot. 

And the point of this is I have to make Mrs. Lovett's pie making counter, bugs and all.  Pies with fingers sticking out of them, cockroaches, etc.  It's too hilarious not too.  It's so disgusting!  My corny sense of humor was taken with the absurdity of the whole thing.  It will be grimy, flour everywhere, cockroaches climbing all over the food, etc.  Horrible, yet somehow funny.  I guess you'd have to see the movie to "get   it".  This will be another I could seriously keep just for the fun of it.  Because the macabre nature of it 
delights me in ways I don't even understand lol!  I can't explain it to you if I can't even explain it to myself hehe.  All I know is that I was struck with an uncontrollable desire to make this gross mini and have been shopping for parts ever since :)


  1. Beautiful job! And you know I can't wait to see what you do with Ms. Lovette's bakery table. Should be a fun project!

  2. Your bedroom set is gorgeous. Your new project sound like a lot of fun.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Es un rinconcito genial con unos preciosos detalles en esos fantasticos muebles, enhorabuena!!
    besitos ascension