Friday, October 14, 2011

A quick note

Yuck, I just got my first neutral feedback today that I've ever had in my life.  My reputation tarnished, yay, what a great way to start the day :(  So I just thought I'd explain really quick what exactly happened so you all don't think I'm slipping in my service or whatever you might think.  Someone bought an item that was clearly marked "reserved, please don't buy" in both the title and description of the item.  Someone else had put the item on layaway and paid down half the money for it.  We do this all the time in my shop, it helps people afford the more expensive items that they want without straining their budgets.  Well when the new person bought the reserved item, I went in a refunded her money and explained very nicely that the item had already been purchased by someone else and apologized for the mix-up.  I canceled the transaction out, again saying that I was sorry that the item was not available once again.  So instead of being mature about it, apparently the woman was at least slightly mad at me and left me a neutral.  I got a neutral for her mistake, lol.  Oh well, what can you do. 

Anyways I just roughly built Mrs. Lovett's pie counter.  It's not tiled yet but the dimensions are 7" long x 3 " deep x 3" tall roughly.  The stuff that will be on top will change that of course.  I built it a bit taller and longer than a normal miniature counter because it was taller and longer in the movie than a standard counter.  And I needed the room for what will be on it as well.  It looks pretty awful right now but won't be in the end.  I was just getting a feel for my new tabletop scroll saw and it was very nice to not saw on wood for ten hours by hand :)  Just keep in mind the whole thing will be covered in tiles in the end.  This is  just the basic shape I needed the frame to be.  And as for the things on top, that's all that's came in right now.  There will be so much more before it's over.

Yicky, needs some tile in a hurry!  I also found this gorgeous metal bowl very similar to the one on the counter in the movie and bought it right away because it's perfect!

I also sold my Three Broomsticks sign, and had an order for a Honeydukes and Olivanders Wand Shop sign as well.  So I'll be making those as I go along here.  I started the Honeydukes, but that sign is really basic.  I just have the sign made right now without the hanging bracket or chains that hold it up.  The other one is not started yet.  Honeydukes:
Of course this isn't done.  I have more to do to this part of it as well, this is just a basic start.
I'll post updates when I get done with them :) 



  1. I notice that some Etsy sellers use a stock graphic design of some sort for reserve items. That way, no one can see what it is and either be tempted to buy or purchase in error...mainly because they never learned to read properly or can't be bothered.

    If it's a lay-away situation, I think you can go back in and change the photo that appears to the public. Save this from happening again.

  2. That's very good advice, I guess I'll have to resort to that in the future. I just hate doing it because then people who have never entered my shop before can't see what Sherry and I are capable of making and then we might miss out on possible future orders because of it. That's the only drawback I can see. There have been lots of time someone has seen something on reserve and asked us to make another. Sometimes we can redo items so that means a possible sale loss. I've never once had this happen in the time I've been making miniatures. Usually people respect the notice in the listing title that says "reserved, please do not buy". Those are the first words in the title when I reserve something :( Thanks for the input though, it gives me something to consider doing.

  3. Sorry, but it has to be said....'SIlly woman' her mistake not yours hun so dont let it worry you. Loving the new counter, i have mine already so its fun to see what different artistes do, cant wait to see! xxx