Monday, May 9, 2011

One last Honeydukes custom order, and then on to other things

I just wanted to show you all the custom order I was commissioned to do, a custom-colors Honeydukes Cabinet made to the buyer's specifications.  Here it is :

That's two large cotton candies under there, along with lolly pop trees in glass candy dishes :)


  1. Very original and different cabinets Tara, Id love to peek inside your customers shops and houses, they must look so cool! Cant wait for the new 'smellies'. Lola adores her soap you sent her and we thought the little silver dragonfly was stickers in silver, wasnt til the soap had worn right down she got the fantastic surprise of a silver dragonfly charm and chain, how excited was she, what a fab idea! So I encourage everyone to try out your new store as I just know your imaginative ideas will grow into that side of your creations too! Im certainly going to be taking a look! Kate xxx

  2. Lovely cabinet, I really like the colors. Best Wishes on your new venture, the soaps are really nice.