Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just for fun, Hogwarts Perfume Bottle/Miniature bottle for display

My last perfume bottle sold, so I decided to make another one a little different today :)  These are wildly fun to make!  Still wrapped up in the thought that this is the last of these movies and waxing nostalgic over how much our family has enjoyed them all of these years, I had to do a Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Perfume Bottle :)  What better for the top?  Why a potion cauldron of course!  This cauldron has a mixture of fun that has plenty to see in it, candies and mushrooms and pretty shiny bubbles, etc.  This particular brew has boiled over the pot, some spells just can't be contained :)  And on the side of the bottle?  Why it's Trevor the toad!  I guess Neville has lost him again :)  I don't blame him, even frogs are attracted to things that smell good.  And this scent?  It's Hogwarts in a bottle :) 

It smells of craggy old leather spell books, parchment, sweet cakes, ton tongue toffees, Hagrid's treacle, tea leaves from Professor Trelawney's room, and there just may be a little Amortentia love potion thrown in there somewhere :) It's the experience of Hogwarts castle in perfume form.

This double-purpose bottle has been designed by me to fit the Harry Potter miniature theme I've been making. I wanted to create a bottle that, when the perfume inside has been used up could double as a miniature decoration for Harry Potter enthusiasts and miniature collectors. This bottle could sit on the floor beside a cabinet or sit on a cabinet top. I have designed the perfume inside to match the theme, which is Wizard's School.

To get to the perfume inside, one simply has to gently pull up on the bottle topper (which is quite sturdy but you'll want to be careful of the more delicate areas) by the metal cauldron. I've done it several times successfully without incident. I'm just careful about it as to not damage it by being too rough. It opens just fine, and restoppers just fine. The stopper itself is a rubber plunger that slips down inside the bottle neck.

The listing is here:

and there is no possibility that I'll make another like this.  These bottles will always be one of a kind.  Different every time!

I wish you all could see how cute this is in hand!  So much better than these pics show :(

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