Friday, May 13, 2011

Candyland Miniatures and Honeydukes Oil Perfume :)

Here's little update on my miniature Candyland Trolley which is now on hold for one of my customers pending approval.  I can't get too far until my glassware comes in the mail, but you'll see the general idea.

I've built my three shelf riser for the middle on which candy will be arranged around.  On the top is a candy holder that will be holding cotton candy (pictured), lolly pops (one of which is pictured), and ice cream cones.  I have to make more of everything so this is all I have to show right now.  I'll post updates as I get further along.  It all take awhile and I'm still filling custom orders too alongside making this.  Working on another pumpkin bench right now.  As well as this:

This is my Honeydukes Oil Perfume without a label so you all can see the inside.  As you can see, there are little candy sticks inside (fake candy) and what you can't see inside is cosmetic grade glitter (just a little to pretty it up) floating in there.  I thought this would be a fun idea to make individual perfumes in decorated bottles that when empty could be used in a miniature room or scene or just left on a dresser for display.  A bottle worth keeping, based on whatever theme I happen to be making at the time.  And the perfume?  They will never be the same or duplicated exactly.  Unique, one of a kind scents. 
These bottles hold just under 5 ml of perfume oil.  They are shorter than regular oil perfume bottles, but wider.  I poured water into an empty bottle and then poured it out into a liquid medicine cup and it measured exactly 5 ml but I'm calling it under that by a smidgen just in case.  In a miniature scene, this could be used on the top of a cabinet or left sitting on the floor next to a cabinet in a Honeydukes miniature shop. 
This scent smells a little like those candied peach gummy rings we have here in the US.  I wanted it to fit the Honeydukes theme, so it's bright and peachy with a sweet candy finish.  A drop of liqueur scent (no there is no alcohol in this, just a light hint of that smell) adds a grown up twist.  

To get to the perfume inside, one simply has to gently pull up on the bottle topper (which is quite sturdy but you'll want to be careful of the more delicate candy pieces) by the white part.  I've done it several times successfully without incident.  I'm just careful about it as to not damage the little candies.  It opens just fine, and restoppers just fine.  The stopper itself is a rubber plunger that slips down inside the bottle neck.  

I will list more of these in different themes as I make them and there is no guarantee I will ever sell another just like the one available now.  They will change a bit every time I make a new one.  I get bored and want to do something new so there will be variations.
Here it is all done now and I will be listing it later on.  
I've added on a little vintage witch and cat image which is so cute :)

Thank you all for your kind words about all of my blog posts, I always appreciate that!  You're all so sweet :)

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  1. Te esta quedando genial, volvere para verlo terminado.
    Una gran idea lo de la botellita, seguro que te queda fantastica.
    besitos ascension