Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ok ok, I know I said no more candy but....

When I was a little girl, I loved board games.  When I was really little, I used to sit and look at the lovely and cute little images on my Candyland game board :) 
I used to wish it was a real place I could go to some day :)  As a grown up (well ok, not so much even at 33 years old) I know that's not possible and yet the little girl in me still secretly wishes it were real :)  That being said, how wonderful that now I can just make one myself.  Even if it's not full size :)  Here and there as I can between custom orders I'm still filling, I'll be making candy pieces of all different sorts, including candy cane trees :) I had this extra trolley left over from ordering stuff for Honeydukes and decided I still feel like putting candy on it.  But bright happy candy, and the trolley would be a confectionery creation of scallops and pastels while the candy on it will be bright and colorful.  I'll be building a three tiered display for the center of the trolley filled to the brim with the whole top of the cart will be overflowing with candies of every kind.  This will be a tall display that tiers down smaller on each level.  The top most peaks will have a holder with both cotton candy and ice creams, the next levels will have boxes and bags and jars of candies in neat rows around each level. 

And the trolley?  I just finished applying the most elaborate paint job I've ever done and I will NEVER do another one like this because it took quite awhile.  I wanted to do a pastel watercolor-effect wash over the whole thing.  This is soft, whimsical and beautiful in person.  I just want this one to be "pretty" and bright.  I wanted it to feel "candy-like" and childish.  I want whomever buys pieces of this set as I make it to feel when they see it in person for the first time like they just won this:

Ok so here's what I did with the trolley, my multi-pastel watercolor-washed and sparkled little beauty:

Keep in mind a lot of the shelves and top will be covered in candy and containers holding candy so much of the shelves will be covered in stuff.  I want this thing loaded! 

I have to work on custom orders still and I won't let those people down.  But I will work on this here and there as I can.  I hope my customers with orders can be patient with me :)  I tried to take a break so I could make some new things but I still had orders come in anyway.  So hopefully if I sneak in something I want to do amid all the orders you all will understand :)  I hope so!  This helps me not "burn out" on mini making. 



  1. I understand Tara. It is easy to get buried sometimes, I take a little time after dinner each night to work on my stuff. Your trolly looks so happy :) I can't wait to see it loaded with candy.


  2. So in demand Tara, but like you say, keep your own ideas and creativity flowing or its no fun! Looking very cool what a paint job! Kate xxx

  3. Good job on the trolly, it made me smile just looking at it and if you were able to make a cranky old cow like me smile you must be doing something right :)

    Mini Hugs

  4. Your work is so extraordinary, so colorful, so beautiful. I wish I had also a ticket from Mr. Wonka, I know this film. Regards