Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dollhouse Miniature Candyland/Wonka Trolley and Candy Tree Finished

I decided due to how highly labor intensive the first candy tree was to only do one with this set, but do it really well.  It wasn't easy to make, not at all.  But I truly feel it was worth it, it turned out so cute.  There are stacked, leaning brightly-colored ice creams sticking up here and there.  There brightly-colored tufts of "candy fluff" sticking up here and there, as well as regular green leaves growing out of two-tone candy branches.  Glistening little orbs perch here and there like dew.  The base it really pretty, surrounded by bright candy drops.  I'll add pictures of the set as a whole with the cart as well as pictures of the tree alone.  It's is really so much better in person!  I love it!

I'm not sure yet if this will be truly taken, it is pending approval from a client who spoke up for it first.  I guess we'll see :)

I want to welcome my new followers and thank you all for your support and interest in my work :)  Welcome dears!  Speaking of followers, we are fast approaching 100 followers now and do you know what that means???  Customer Appreciation Celebration Giveaway and Member Photo Sharing!!!
What does this mean?  If you have been a loyal customer of 19th Day Minis (meaning you have bought at least one item from either me or Sherry out of our store located here:
 then you are most welcome to join our blog giveaway!  What will we be giving away?  Candy-themed items of course :)  Three items, all candy-themed.
The grand prize?  A highly-decorated wall hanging candy shelf filled with goodies and held up by candy brackets.  I figure most everyone has shelving units that sit on the floor, but most people have nothing to hang on the walls.  The shelf would need to be glued onto the wall by you, being too small to actually put on hangers.  A little hot glue from a glue gun would work, or the ultimate glue if you aren't comfortable using a glue gun.  You would need to gently hold it in place long enough for it to dry a little if you do use a wet glue.  Otherwise it will slide down the wall.  Second place will be a smaller and therefore less detailed candy shelf, third place will be a small lolly pop display.  I'll post pictures after I make them. 

In order to enter, you simply have to contact me through my etsy store by way of the convo the seller link and tell me you are entering my blog giveaway and I will look up your purchase from our store by your username.  The link to my store is listed in this post.  

The member photo sharing means that I want pictures of your favorite project featuring at least ONE item (if not more) that you purchased from 19th Day Miniatures to be sent in to 19th Day Miniatures email address which I will give you if you contact me through my etsy store asking for it.  This way I don't get swamped with junk mail :)  We want to feature you on our blogs!  All it takes is one single purchase from 19th day minis to do both of these things!  Free stuff and a blog feature that gets viewed all over the world?  How cool is that?!  Please contact me to join! 

I'm so sorry to all of you out there who cannot join the giveaway! This one in particular is for customers who have supported our art and helped in our sales. There will be others, (like our last giveaway at 50 followers) that will be for everyone who follows this blog. I won't forget you dears! But I wanted to do something special for those who collect Sherry and I's work. They have made it possible for us to continue doing what we love and we want to give back to those people this time around. Hopefully you all can understand and bear with us until the next at 150 followers when it will be anybody's drawing!



  1. Te ha quedado realmente fantastico, el colorido es genial, me encanta.
    Que pena no tener la economia bien, sino entraria a formar parte de tu sorteo, quizas mas adelante cuando todo mejore.
    Mucha suerte a las que participen.
    besitos ascension

  2. Fabulous tree, it goes really well with the trolley Tara. off to enter the giveaway now, and must take pics of the alice cabinet in place to send to you too! Kate xxx