Wednesday, April 25, 2012

News on the Miniature Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Hole project

This has well-working lights that plug directly into an outlet (and for anyone international the plug can be changed out to your countries specifications.  The wiring is put on to this particular plug-in made for miniature lighting and the wires simply unscrew from this unit below):

Almost done:

The top part, which is all wild and natural, still needs Alice's kitty peaking down into the hole watching Alice falling down.  I'm starting her tonight.  The lower part which will be layers of the earth hasn't been done yet but shouldn't take more than a couple days.  The cat might take me up to three days depending on what's going on around here and my busy house :)  As you can see, Alice is done and mounted inside.  I had to make her dress, and let me go on record now saying I'm not natural when working with fabric!  I hand sewed that outfit and hated every single minute of it lol.  It's hard for me personally.  I managed it without many regrets in the end though.  She looks like she should.  I took a Heidi Ott doll in a child size for this size of project and simply rehaired her, made her clothes, and repainted her eyes which were small and indistinct compared to Alice's eyes in the movie.  So she had to be repainted with big blue eyes.  The dolls eyes were small and brown and there wasn't much detail so they had to go.  Now she looks much better.  The next time I blog this it'll be all done, yay!

On another note, a client of mine sent me darling pictures of her precious little dog Romeo with a miniature she bought from my Etsy shop.  I just have to show you all these, he's so cute!  And him and the miniature house are quite close in size, hehe:

  Isn't he the sweetest little thing?  Apparently Romeo likes the House of Bleeding Hearts :)   Thanks for sending me these pics!  Hugs everyone, have a lovely day and keep collecting! 


  1. EEEK it's so A-mazing! I wish I could do that!!

  2. Thanks everyone! It makes me feel good to get positive feedback on my work :)

  3. That is excellent! I can imagine the amount of hours you invested in bringing your creation to life!