Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dollhouse Miniature Harry Potter Dumbledore Memory Vial Cabinet completed and listed for sale

All done, my last part came in today :)  Here's the backside photos of it all done now:

Yay for crooked pictures!  My skills at photography rock :)  This is MUCH better in person, as always.

Available here for sale:

Thanks for the comments everyone!  Keep 'em coming :)  I wish I could do the same for you but I am really really busy and I just can't often find time to do much of anything.  Large house, large yard with many flower beds I tend, kids, husband, cooking and cleaning.  Whew!  I get exhausted just thinking about it all!  And yes I even do the grass mowing.  And we have a large amount of ground to cover here, almost a city block of mowing :o  Some of it has to be done on a tractor :(  You should see me when I get off that thing!  I look like a dirt monster!  And for the shower I sprint afterward :)

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