Thursday, May 3, 2012

Now listed for sale-Miniature Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Hole Scene complete, available for sale tomorrow night :)

New pics:

These below will be dark inside shots of the lights inside the rabbit hole lit up:

Previous pictures below:

Layers of the earth in sand and stone with a poly coating over it.  Very sturdy!

Can't clearly see "Dinah" the cat here in this shot but she's up there looking down the hole.

This shot is to show scale, taken next to my teenage son.

Anyway, it'll be listed tomorrow night after I package it up and get a shipping price idea from the post office on international and domestic.  I know for sure this will have to ship at the higher international rate because the box will be too big for the cheaper option. 


  1. la perrita se ve preciosa y parece un encanto seguro que no sera mala.
    el agujero de de alicia es un trabajo perfecto la felicito por su terminaciĆ³n.
    un abrazo

    the dog is beautiful and looks like a charm will certainly not bad.
    alicia hole is a perfect job congratulate her on her termination.
    a hug

  2. Your new puppy is adorable! And of course, Alice's rabbit hole is mindblowing!