Thursday, May 10, 2012

Update on the Miniature Misty Forest Fairy Refuge House

I'm trucking along as I can on this pretty little fairy house between work on my kitchen ceiling (yes still renovating this old farm house) and dealing with my very clingy new puppy who has a case of separation anxiety.  Sheesh, she is right under my feet all the time!  Lilybelle even had to be crated on a table beside my bed because if she can't see me she barks all night no matter what room she's in (we can still hear the little fluffball).  I tried putting her in bed with me but that didn't go well, I couldn't move and I had a living breathing very furry heating pad plastered to my extremely hot skin who wiggled and bugged me all night as well.  Wow.  Ok then enough about house and pet problems, ya'll don't come here to listen to that do you???  :)  Ok then.  I'm far from done but I have a respectable start at least.  The inside is almost done.  I just need to put a couple little fairy dishes on the mushroom table and the inside is good.  The outside will need a lot of TLC before I'll call it good.  I do like the leaf-drip water feed system for the bathtub, which had to go outside due to room constraints.  The roof will have water drips too as though it has been raining in the Misty Forest where this little house has been standing for quite some time.  At least that's how I hope it comes across.  I never see any fairy houses with water features so I wanted to do one.  Not only for uniqueness but also for the look of it.  Water is pretty to look at.  I think it should be essential for anything fairy related and I plan on adding something with water to every house from here on out.  I think my own unique way of doing water (which is time consuming and painstaking but worth the end look because my water is vibrant-colored.  This water feature took me two days of work on just that.  But I love it so it's worth it in the end.  I'll just show you what I did now:

Lots of glare going on in these photos but you get the idea.

I still have work to do on the outside of the house, so what you see now might change some.  And I plan on leaving the roof removable so that whomever buys this can peer inside and see everything.  The lid will set on and you won't know from looking at it that it can come off so visually it'll still look good.


  1. Great work! I think your right on the money with the addition of water to your work! It adds color and "movement" and just looks sooooo cool!

  2. Te esta quedando preciosa, me encanta cada uno de los detalles.
    En cuanto a lo de la simulacion del agua esta perfecta, a mi personalmente me encanta hacer ese trabajo.
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