Monday, November 22, 2010

Winners announced of the 19th Day Miniatures giveaway!

Ok, first of all for me now having 50+ followers not many people put their names into the giveaway post comments section.  Scratching my head over that one!  Who doesn't like free stuff?  But anyway, hubbs tossed the very few names I did have from the giveaway post comments into his baseball cap and we drew names.  I have chosen based on the overwhelmingly one-sided votes to make boxed potions for the giveaway items.  Most people voted for them so yay!  I'll get to work making them alongside the rest of the Alice in Wonderland roses.

 Ok so here goes...these were the names drawn in the order they were drawn from the hat:

                           First potion box goes to.........Morgan!
Yay Morgan!  You win the number one prize and if you would like a certain one please contact me through my store link so that we can talk privately about your shipping address and what exactly you'd like me to make as your potion!  Use the contact the seller link in my etsy store: and we'll talk there.

Second Prize potion box goes to......Dark Squirrel Victoria! 
You know where I am and how to get ahold of me since you have a wonderful Etsy store too so get ahold of me with your shipping address and any ideas as to what you may like, k? 

Third place Prize potion box goes to......Berri! 
Use the clickable link above to contact me in my etsy store so we can discuss your prize and shipping address!  Yay Berri!

All winners visit my store to contact me and be thinking of what you're really wanting so you can let me know!   



  1. Yea!!! Thank you Tara! I have conved you my address. Congrats to Morgan and Berri!

    Thank you again :)
    Victoria ♥

  2. Congratulations to the winners, Morgan, Victoria & Berri. Can't wait to see what they've picked as their prize.x

  3. How did I miss the giveaway post??!! I would have entered Tara I must have missed the post that said about it, doh! Congrats to the winners! Kate xxx

  4. YAY! I Won! Thank you so much! congrats to morgan and victoria, too! i have left you a message on etsy. :)


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