Friday, November 5, 2010

Please let me welcome my partner in crime, 19th Day Miniatures Co-Creator Sherry!

Ok, I would like to introduce you all to my Mother-in-Law Sherry, who lovingly helps me out in my shop when my life gets too hectic to fill it :)  She's an "up and comer" to the miniature scene, just starting out and pretty darn good for just starting!  She has started a blog but has to get herself a digital camera to be able to really play with all of us here in blog land.  For now all we can do is this:  I take pictures when she ships stuff she's made to me, and then she talks about it :)  You all will have to take a look at her darling hats and hatboxes she just sent me that are now in my etsy store:
She's also been hard at work making some spooky miniatures as well as a lovely fairy vanity that I'll be listing tomorrow afternoon.  The top three items in my store are hers.  Check them out!  I'll post some teaser pictures for you all to see how lovely she's doing for being a newbie :)  And I'll add a link to her newly started blog right here where you can post comments of encouragement or possibly ask her for something custom made that you've been dreaming of.  Here is her blog:

When we get to 50 followers here on my blog we'll host a giveaway!  Tell your friends, spread the word :)  Hugs-Tara
Here is her gothic victorian velvet hat, hat stand/hatbox

Her haute couture leather witch hat, hat stand/quilted hatbox

Now these hats are made of really nice quality materials, not inferior in any way.  The leather is so soft and supple on this witch hat and the victorian hat is made of nice burgundy velvet.  My pictures don't do them justice!  Now here is her highly-detailed witch cabinet:

Jam-packed full of diabolical, witchy potions, dired herbs, spell books, poisonous mushrooms-you name it!  And I especially love the photos of her wicked friends up top :)  Well done, Sherry!


  1. I agree! well done Sherry!


  2. My favs are the cabinet and the witches hat, I Love the hat very much!!! Good luck Sherry, your work is wonderful and like Tara, you have fantastic ideas, keep it up you two! Kate xxx

  3. Well done! I don't think Sherry will have any trouble getting custom orders.


  4. Love the witches hats with matching boxes!!!!!

  5. Everything looks yummy. The hatboxes are my favourite, I am sure they will be snapped up.
    How nice it must be to share an interest with a member of your family, all mine think I am bonkers or having an empty nest mid-life crisis!!!

  6. Haha that's funny Janice! Well you're not alone darlin' because MOST of mine act the same way. I just got lucky with my Mother-in-law understanding :)