Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sherry's Nightmare before Christmas Tree! And a beautiful Christmas fireplace too :)

I just HAVE to show you guys these two things my Mom-in-Law just made...because they are frickin' awesome!  I will be listing these in my store tomorrow ASAP!  My gosh she is getting GOOD!  Without further ado...her Nightmare Before Christmas Tree!

Like usual, my pictures couldn't be any worse.  I cannot even begin to stress how much better this is in person.  If someone buys this I may cry when I pack it up!  I LOVE it!

Now here's her Christmas fireplace, which is so elegant and well-done :)  Like I said, the girl is getting super good!

Both of these items along with some more inexpensive Christmas trees she made for those who have a tighter budget will be listed in my store tomorrow.


  1. I love the tree Tara, Sherry is amazing. The fire place is very nice too.

    Victoria :)

  2. The Tree is fabulous. I've recently seen a full size, Nightmare Before Christmas Tree, made by a friend for the Jubilee Of Trees.

  3. The tree is just wonderful!! And the fireplace is very nice too!!

  4. The tree is beautifully wicked :)
    And sold now :( Kinda sad to see it go because it was really awesome!

  5. realmente perfecto tanto el √°rbol como la chimenea cada uno en su estilo son geniales.
    un abrazo

    really perfect both the tree and the chimney every one in his style are great.
    a hug

  6. Ah but its going to a really loving home Tara lol!!! It will be sooooo appreciated . I agree its beautiful work and Sherry has a great talent! Just like you of course! Kate xxx