Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sneak peak at the Miniature House of Bleeding Hearts from the Fairy Realm

Not quite finished yet, I still have some roof shingling to do, and add some tiny mushrooms around the base of the inside lighting bleeding hearts trunk that's pierced to show the light inside, and finish decorating the other side of the fairy cottage wall.  And a few more bleeding hearts to make for more branches.  But here's what's currently done:

All of the brown areas around the roof will be shingled and mossed.  Those are just unfinished areas.  The base of the light unit will have tiny red and white dotted mushrooms around the base.  What you can't see here is that there is a sink inside with water running into an acorn cap sink basin and a small table and stool chairs with an acorn teapot and blossom cup.  The might inside the bleeding heart base has a switch on the bottom and runs on a small watch-type battery.  I'll be back soon with rabbit hole updates because it's changed too.  I just didn't have good light by the time I went to shoot pictures of it. 

Here's a picture of my huge parrot fish Peach and her mini me Ruby looking very disturbed at their new fish tank mate, a vampire crab that we named Dracula :)
I couldn't get a good shot of him but he's right in front of them looking quite frightened of my whole hand-sized parrot fish.  She's quite the whale by now :) 

Better shot of Dracula :)  He's so neat to watch.

And here's my daughter's new fish, who has the word "LOVE" somehow written on her side and a heart drawn on the other side.  How in the world do they do that?