Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sold-The Miniature House of Bleeding Hearts from the Fairy Realm, completed

Update, now sold.

All done, and it's very pretty in person.  I only have one of these houses in this particular size so this is one of a kind and I cannot remake it.  I have two much larger houses and one will be in a fairy style but not the same at all.  So this little house is truly OOAK.  It's very well done, I did my best.  The interior of the house has a battery powered tea light inside the base of the bleeding heart plant and I did an intricate set of cut outs in the clay all the way around so light shows through.  The tea light battery has a push button turn on switch and the battery is changeable from underneath the house.  The other things inside the house are an acorn cap sink with a hand-pump water spout with faux running water, and a tiny table and chairs with an acorn teapot and small flower cup.  As small as the house is, this is all there was room for with the tea light in the middle of the room.  I wanted it to look as though this bleeding hearts plant had grown up through the house and out the top of the roof.  What's more fairyish than a plant growing out the roof of your house ?  :)  At 10 inches tall by 7 1/2 inches wide, it's compact and space-saving and so cute :)

Sorry for the numerous pictures but I can't ever tell which are the best so I add more than I should :)

Welcome all new members and thank you all for your kind comments, I read them all when I check my email but don't always have time in my busy life to answer them.  I have two children (and various stray kiddies from around town who pop in to see mine) and numerous people from our families here on and off.  My house is sort of the hang out for everyone being larger than their houses and in a more central location so I tend to get everyone :)  Please don't take offense if I can't get back with you when you post, I wish I could!   



  1. Great work! The house is amazing.

  2. Thank you Eliana :) I appreciate the feedback on my work. I love your name!

  3. es un trabajo muy bello me gusta muchísimo la idea del árbol creciendo desde dentro de la casa.
    un abrazo

    is a very beautiful I really like the idea of ​​a tree growing from within the house.
    a hug

  4. It looks fantastic. I love the bleeding heart.
    Hugs from Craftland

  5. Es un trabajo fantástico,felicidades!!