Saturday, March 24, 2012

Miniature Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Hole update 3-24

A talking rose grouping in a wonderland-style planter box, a book shelf with yellow flower vase, and the chair gets a shabby chic little lap blanket :)  I have to make a tiny open book for the chair, as though someone was reading it and set it aside to come back to it later.  I decided to coat the floor with a thick coat of polyeurthane before I start the tiny table, drink me bottle, and eat me cake.  And I decided I have to make the white rabbit (orginal disney cartoon style) because it's impossible to have a rabbit hole scene with no late rabbit running for the door.  Currently I just have his head made, so no pictures yet.  And a few wall decoratons and these other things and then I can start clothing Alice.  She has no hair right now :o  I pulled off the hair to add my own that looked more like her hair in the movie.  I won't put hair on her until she's dressed or it'll get messed up.  Anyways I'll shush up and show the updated pictures:

I'm finally getting somewhere :)  And this looks so much better in person, anyone who's bought from me can tell you that :)  My camera isn't great at this stuff.

Going to see Hunger Games tonight, it looks pretty good.  Here's a good song from the movie...shut off my blog music player (click the stop button) if you want to watch them and if you don't don't worry about it.


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