Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Miniature Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Hole updates

Ok, I worked my way through my chimney troubles with the fireplace.  It's all in there now except it has nothing on it yet as far as decorations on the mantle, etc.  I still have to do that part so this is just a basic sculpted clay structure I made at this point.  And after I get the ac adaptor rigged up both the table lamp and fireplace light up.  I tested them as they are now with a 9 volt battery and they both work.  I actually have the bottom of the table removed right now due to needing to get the fireplace chimney in there but I'll reglue it after I finish blogging this update.  It's rather hard to see in these photos but there is a tiny little man face on that doorknob down below that looks just like the one in the original disney cartoon movie.  And keep in mind this is a cartoon version of the rabbit hole, based on that disney film not the Tim Burton version with live actors.  So everything needs to be cartoonish in design :)  Here's what I did:

The light was bad outside by the time I shot these so they are blurry :(  Can't help that right now but you get the idea.  See how the colors and style is very cartoonish?  That's intentional.  There will be so much more to this in the end it'll be shockingly different in the end :) 

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  1. Me gusta, un gran trabaajo, espero ver el final pronto!!