Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March Madness Sale :)

March is a month of birthdays for me.  So in honor of the loved people in my life I'm offering a....

Sale :)  Here's my store link:

15% off all store prices, just type in coupon code "marchmadness"
during checkout (excludes custom orders).

Had your eye on something in the store but thought you didn't quite like the price?  Here's a percent calculator that will show you how much you'll save with the 15% off.  Just type in the price of the item you like (not the shipping included), then type 15 in the percent box, it will calculate your savings and show you if you like the "new" price :)

Happy March to you all my dears!
Oh and welcome to any new followers, we're glad to see you here!

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  1. Its really awesome..
    Nice blog.

    Regards from India,