Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Miniature Sweeney Todd Mrs. Lovett's Pie Oven done

Again, my pictures are not even remotely turning out right now.   Winter time :(  I don't take the time to set them up properly because hey...I'm freezing!  One of many problems.  For some reason my camera seems to be popping out all of the lightly washed colors I used on the surface of the black oven to add depth and character.  So the silvery wash over the back is not this apparent in person, it looks much subtler.  Also the rusty areas where I added a dabble of antique copper is really jumping out in these pictures and looks a lot less bright and "stand outish" in person.  No idea why but the colors in it are appearing overly dramatic compared to how it looks in hand.  In person they all meld together and make it look old, worn, industrial, and rustic.  On here it just seems to look way worse :(  Anyways, here are the icky pictures I got:

You know one of these days I need a new camera. 
Here's a rather bad scene from the movie showing the oven briefly but first you might want to go shut off my blog's music player.  There's a stop button on the player:

Wow is that a ghastly scene!  Nothing like a woman getting tossed into a fire to send chills through you :o  I couldn't find another video showing the oven so that's the best I could do :(

I started with nothing but a metal pipe and some clay, and turned it into this :) It was pretty tough to do, being my first time of making something like this. But I think it worked out just fine.  This is wired to light up by 9 volt battery that's hidden inside a coal box in the back of the oven. The inside "fire" LED lights flash on and off in orange and red peeking from beneath a coal fire base with flickering "flames" shooting up out of the coal. Six gruesome bloody meat pies are baking on the metal rack inside and the blood is dripping on down into the fire. Don't take a bite, you may just find a finger inside! The outside has two separate independently swinging hinged doors that open and close as you like them. Slat cut-outs on the bottom of the door show the lights flickering through when the flames are lit. The coal box behind has a hinged lid that lifts which allows you to plug in the battery thus turning on the LED light unit.

Just under 9 inches tall, 5 1/2 inches deep at the base thanks to the coal box in back that was used to hide the battery pack and wires. 1/12 scale.



  1. Taking good photos can be so hard, especially when the light isn't very good! But the oven is wonderful!!! I love how it looks! And I love the pies!
    I want to watch the movie again....maybe tomorrow :-)

  2. I loved Sweeny Todd and I love your oven , I think it's marvelous!

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