Thursday, July 7, 2011

More progress on the Harry Potter miniature tree

I've finally had some time to work on the miniature Harry Potter Christmas tree again and I think it's coming out quite well.  I haven't done a lot to the tree decorations from where I last posted, because I've been a tad afraid of mucking it up :) 

I have a process to my artwork, and it goes something like this:

1) The idea forms

2) I get quite excited about it

3) I start the project and get a little ways along on it

4) I start second guessing myself

5) I stall on the whole thing while I try to figure out what I'm doing with it and where it should be going

6) More stalling

7) Abject self-loathing occurs because I know I'm either being lazy or afraid of it

8) I reason with myself that I MUST get on with it & get the thing done so I trudge back upstairs & stare hatefully at it for about 15 minutes & ponder what to do first :)

9) I finally start it back up again and everything falls into place like I thought it wouldn't and then I am usually very happy with how it turns out in the end, haha!

And this is precisely what's been happening as usual :)  So I quit the tree decorations and launched into the presents themselves.  I must say they have been a delightful challenge.  Each item in it's respective Christmas box is being made little by little.  I made the Nimbus broom and did pretty good at it I think.  It's in a long narrow box to the right hand side of the tree.  I had a time sewing the red ribbon bow for the top of the package but it turned out very cute I think.  Sewing is hard for me but I try very hard to keep it well done when I do try it.  If it turns out bad it gets scrapped and not used.  I made a decent remembrall for Neville, and he's got a tissue wrapped potted magical plant as well.  Hermione has a couple of lovely books tied up in a bow and the top book is called How to Train a Phoenix :)  I am currently working on a pretty spectacular box for Parvati Patil that will open in the front instead of the top that will contain a crystal ball for seeing the future since she is interested in Divination.  The box itself will be Indian inspired to reflect the origins of the girl it is going to.  I have some pretty fabric that ought to do to line the inside of the box, and the outside I'm not sure about yet but I will decorate it well to suit the style of the inside.  The front will flip down in front like this although it is a bad example but the only one I could readily find on google:
But the top won't open and there will be only a single compartment inside with no drawers and certainly no booze, etc. and it will be tall and thinner and very Indian in design.  As much as I can with what I have available that is :)  Not a great example but you should get the idea.  I though I might end up making the invisibility cloak but cannot find a good match for the fabric in my area :(  Bummer.  I won't make a bad one so therefore it won't be made.  I will made a wrapped package instead that looks as close to the one in the movie as I can and it will have the note on it that reads:

Your Father left this
in my possession before he died,
it is time it was returned to you. 

Use it well.

Under the circumstances I think that would be best.  I don't like making something very far from the original.  While making the Nimbus broomstick I printed out a miniature sized copy of it and worked right over top of the image for accuracy.  The bends in the stick are all correctly in place.  Even the broom part is like the original.  I trimmed the bristles in the same shape. 

Ok enough chatter, I'll just post pictures although you can't see the broom well unless you have it in front of you because it's in it's package.  All the presents are so they will be very hard to photograph.  You can clearly see them in person though. 
I took these in my photocube at night so they will be a little less defined:

Sheesh those are bad pictures :(  Too dark.  Oh wells, better ones will come from outside.  Here's a couple fabrics that will be used soon, the right hand one will be the inside of the Indian box.  The other might wind up on the outside of a package under the tree:

Very festive.  Well you'll see where I go with it in the end :)

Again, I cannot respond to comments unfortunately.  My comments section is not working currently so I will say thank you now should anyone post a positive response to this post.  Hugs!  Should you dislike it, well, that's ok too :)  Can't win 'em all! 



  1. Ahh the pressies are so cool, especially love Harrys and Herminones but looking forward to seeing the box, that looks an awesome idea Tara. I think Id love to do trees for my houses, im trying to get really big tall trees, but its tricky to find them, so may have to look into making them, but when I do, I know where to come for pressies! Kate xxx

  2. I think you already know - I'm a fan of your miniatures!
    Everything is beautiful, you have great ideas and inspiration for your Harry Potter project.
    A hug.