Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Loyal customer giveaway items done, giveaway to commence! And more trees coming up :)

We're at 100 followers now, and Sherry and I couldn't be more pleased.  We adore you guys and you make us feel like we've really accomplished something every time we get rave reviews from a happy customer :)  What could be better than making someone happy?  Nothing! 

And so this time around, we are doing a customer only giveaway for the people who have supported our work and helped us keep creating :)  Next time will be for everyone who follows this blog, like last time was.  If you have previously made a purchase from our Etsy store:, please go there and leave me a message to let me know you're joining the giveaway drawing.  Several of you already have, and I know who you are so no need to do it again.  But for those of you who haven't done so yet, you have a week from today to turn your name in.  When we have all the names turned in that we're going to get, I will put all of the names in a hat and have my husband draw to be fair to everyone. 

How it will go is this:  First name drawn will have first choice of the three items I have made for the drawing.  Which are, 1 large Honeydukes or regular candy store shelf, 1 smaller Honeydukes or regular candy shop shelf, and one small lolly display table.  Each item gets smaller, so I expect the first place winner would choose the largest item but you never know.  First place winner gets first pick, second place winner gets second.  The third place winner gets the last item available, but hey, free is free right?  Free loot is nice no matter how big it is :)  Anyway, I guess I can put them up now for all to see since they are done and the drawing will be held in a week :)

First and largest shelf is 4 inches wide:

Side view of how the shelf brackets on both shelves are made.

And now the second smaller shelf (2 5/8 inches wide):

I just noticed I have some of the dark blue glitter from one of my next projects on some of the candy on here.  It brushes off!

And this is the small lolly display table which is the last giveaway item. 

And now my next two projects are a light pink Honeydukes-themed tree which I have a very basic start on:

nothing on it but garland right now

and a Coraline-themed tree which is also only painted indigo blue and sparkled and has a bright yellowish-green garland that I am very excited about :)  Should be fun.  Here's the movie trailer for anyone who may not have seen it (first go shut off my blog's music player on the right side):

And now the colors of the tree might be better understood :)

Very hard to see but it's indigo blue with sparkles, reminds me of Coraline's hair.  This project was inspired by some of my customer's (and friends) love of Coraline.  Also by my love of Neil Gaiman's books which are amazing in a style uniquely his own :)  I highly suggest Neverwhere for adults and the Graveyard Book for older kids.  Coraline for the younger ones.


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  1. Oooh fab goodies, such treats for the eyes! keeping my fingers crossed, and toes!!lol Love the look of the new trees. I adore Coraline, a maybe One day ill have a litle roombox in that theme as its one of my fav films! Kate xxx