Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Harry Potter Miniatures, Honeydukes and otherwise :)

This tree is possibly sold, pending approval from one of my clients.  I'll let you all know what she decides :)  I worked my butt off on this tree and I think it really shows :)  Covered in Honeydukes Sweet Shop candies and regular ones, it's all tricked out.  I was so impressed with Sherry's trees I had to make one myself!  Here's the pics which I struggled with due to the humidity fogging up my camera lens outside:

See the chocolate frog climbing the side of the tree?  :)

Sheesh even my glass bottles fogged up outside, including my glasses and camera lens :)  Ridiculous weather!

Oh any Sherry made some regular Harry Potter items as well, including a gadget cabinet (which we have two similar ones but one isn't listed yet) and a potions desk )  Fun! 
  Potions desk
Wizard gadget cabinet with lots of steampunk built gadgets :)
Dollhouse Miniature Harry Potter Dumbledore's Study Cabinet Layaway Available
  Available now in our store:

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  1. Awesome! Everything ... the tree, the desk and gabinete ... I loved everything! Congrats.