Friday, March 25, 2011

Updated-Steampunk Adventurer's Table is completed, and back up for sale!

My client who was to buy this set has backed out of the deal due to family commitments, so the Steampunk Adventurer's Table is available once more :)  And it's all done as well.  I had it named previously the steampunk airship pilot's table but I felt this narrowed the scope a little too much.  I think this would belong to someone who traveled through all means, anywhere :)  Anyway, here it is without further ado:

Everything is handmade on it :)  I love this one very much!

Available here in my store:


  1. Beautiful job Tara! I love your Steampunk table.

    Victoria ❤

  2. Hi Sweetie,

    I just LOVE it. I am sure that you enjoyed making it. The detail of your work is OUTSTANDING and you should be very proud of yourself.

    Great Job,
    Love ya much,
    Mom-in-Law, Sherry ;-)

  3. That is impressive work! You show such attention to detail!

  4. Tara, it is truly lovely! Awesome job. I have to agree, your attention to detail is amazing.

  5. Thanks so much, guys! I really enjoyed making this piece. I wouldn't be sad if I had to keep it :) Do you ever do that, like something so much it's hard to let it go?

  6. I love it too, I wish I had a suitable project for it, as Id snap it up, its awesome! Kate xxx

  7. I bet those sets are expensive. The items are so detailed which certainly needs someone who's artistic enough and got the skills to do such awesome creations.

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