Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Update, now SOLD-Newborn baby Spring, Alice in Wonderland Talking Rose

I just wanted to show you guys one of three new roses coming to my store for general sale.  I'll post a new one tomorrow but this little guy is in my store right now. 

Spring is my inspiration for this tiny sculpture which stands 1 and 3/4 an inch tall. This darling baby boy flower is stretching his little tendrils in the dawning light, after a nice sleep in his hand-sculpted pot. Spring is about rebirth, of pale green shoots poking out of the earth and new flowers bursting forth. So for this little guy I used a pale, spring time green for his body, and it looks as though his little body is wrapped in a blanket of green. All except his little arms which are held up above his head into little curled tendrils as though he is stretching :)

Now my pictures are not too good, being that they were taken inside.  He's so cute in person, much better in person!

Available here in my etsy store:

I'll post the picture of the little girl ground-planted rose tomorrow after I finish her up :) 

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