Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Red Queen Cabinet, all done...and Steampunk Style Miniatures

Thank Heavens, the Cabinet is done!  Sheesh I never had much time for it :(  Little bit here and there as I could, and now it's complete :)  I'm very happy with it.  Without further introduction:

a tiny jewel box I made from scratch :)

"I need a pig here!  I love a warm pig belly for my aching feet."
These boots are painted exactly as I saw them in that scene on Alice in Wonderland.

Why leave the back undecorated?  All the bells and whistles on this cabinet :)

Yay!  I'm proud of this one :)  I love it!

Sherry's working on two custom trees for clients and I've been entreated by another from Italy to remake the Harry Potter chest set.  Another has begged for two Wonderland Roses.  I had closed down the custom order shop for awhile so I could make some things I had planned but alas I may not get to.  I've decided the best way to handle it is to work on projects I want to work on alongside those that are ordered.  Or else I may never lay my hands on those I'm itching to make.  For example, I'm really wanting to make a witchy tea cart and I even have the tea cart :)  And more so I wanted to work on something steampunk style.  Is anyone out there familiar with steampunk style?  It's a neo-victorian style of gadgetry that I'm loving at the moment.  I wanted to make a work table filled with gadgets and trinkets and all manner of steampunk things.  Here's a rather bad picture of the table I've darkened with stain and finished to look weathered and unique.  Better pictures as I progress will be forthcoming.  

And I saw a necklace made similar to this and fell in love with it, but could not wear it do to the size-it's just too bulky.  But I thought it could be made into a great miniature scene so I made it.  It's a Zeppelin, or Dirigible.  An old fashioned airship.  And it's not done yet.  I plan to add more to it.

Parts I bought to make into things for the table.  I'm not sure if I should put the Zeppelin on the table as though it is being built or if I should make a floor stand for it.  It might be cool to have it standing on the side so that I can add a little ship-type thing to the bottom of it.  I think I will.  I'll post updates as I work on it :)


  1. OMG Awesome, Ive emailed you hun!! Just love it, the colours and theme are really fitting with my Alice room! clever you! Kate xxx

  2. Love the Queen's cupboard Tara! Wonderful job.

    Victoria ❤

  3. That cupboard is AMAZING! I love all the details you put into it.

  4. Tara, that cupboard is great! I'm so glad I followed the link to your blog. Such awesome things to look at.