Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some personal projects we're doing for ourselves ;)

I showed you my darling little fairy Hubbs got me for Valentine's Day and told you guys about the nature/mythical fantasy scene I'm putting in a prominent place in my home.  I have two other things picked out that will go in it some time by two fantastic artists.  One being my fairy maker here:
Who sculpted this:
I'm also going to get at some point this from her as well:

which is a hand-sculpted customizable unicorn that you can change poses, colors, hair styles, everything to what you would like.  More examples:

Love the dappled color on this one!

I have to give props to a girl that can sculpt this well!  Check out her store by clicking the link above.  Custom work is welcome there. 
Next I'll tell you about Sherry's upcoming project.  I planned to make her and her husband a haunted dining hall scene roombox.  Roomboxes can be purchased here:
which are so nice because they are a precut kit that you assemble yourself (very easy, wood glue and a few tiny nails) and has a plexiglass front to keep dust out and keep your minis safe. 

I bought a variety of beautiful artisan foods for the table, roast duck, a garnished ham, wine bottles and glasses, a tray of shrimp and cocktail sauce, oysters on the half-shell on ice, a fancy chocolate cake.  All sorts of things.  I bought some Bespaq furniture as well as this gorgeous and slightly haunted-looking fireplace and artwork set:

Beautiful and still somehow creepy :)

Next I ordered a custom ball jointed doll from talented seller a friend told me about whose dolls are haunting in their own right.  Beautiful and slightly strange, they really are something special.  Here is the custom ghost doll I ordered and as you can see she needs some clothes :o

She will have clothes after we get her some.  But you can see the quality of the work.  The artist's name is Sarah Moninger and you can order from her here at:
Her stuff sells as soon as she lists it so it always shows nothing in her store.  Like I said, I had to custom order this doll.  But you can view more of her work on her sold items list:
to get an idea of what all she makes. 

Anywho, I'll post updates as we work on this stuff.  None of it will be for sale but you can order your own items through the sellers I posted above should you like anything enough to do so :) 

Sherry is also working on a really funny mini that will be for sale.  She bought a harpsichord on ebay and set out to decorate it.  Apparently she's made cousin It from the Addams family sitting on the bench and Thing (the disjointed hand creature) will be on the keys.  Isn't that funny?  I can't wait to see it!

Visist Sherry's blog here to see what she's been working on!



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  1. Beautiful work form those artistes Tara! I love that fireplace with mirror! The haunted scene will be one to see! I made a cousin It too, hes on my blog a while back. Very fun to make, quite tricky though! Kate xx