Monday, February 14, 2011

New cabinet hell, and my Valentine's present from Hubby :)

Ok so you guys all know I'm taking a break from minis in order to do some renovations.  I have just one word for you...Ick.  Hubbs has decided to handle all of the work ourselves and let me tell you it's so not fun. 

Cafe brown composite granite sink

This is mainly to show Sherry what we picked out :)  You guys probably don't care all that much :)  Hi Mom!  What do you think?

Oh and here's what my hubby got me for Valentine's day.  This is a fairy sculpture done by Kate Sjoberg of Red Wyvern Studio.  She does amazing horse/unicorn sculptures as well.
Here's my darling little fairy my honey got me:

She's 1/12 scale and so pretty!  I'm doing a nature/mythical creature scene on a shelf in my house that people walk by regularly.  After I get the scene set up with moss, rocks, stream, etc. I'm glassing it in.
You can check out Kate's work here:


  1. Hi Sweetheart,

    First off, Happy Valentine's Day and yes!!!! my son (your hubby) did EXCELLENT as a Valentine's present. Kudo's Donnie XOXOXO Mom. As for the kitchen, I never had a doubt as to what you would end up with - it is always great. You know that I think you ALWAYS have had GREAT TASTE in EVERYTHING that you decorate or do - Just look at who you have for a hubby - my son! HA! HA! LOL ;-) Anyway, I love all the choices for your kitchen.

    Love ya as always,
    Mom-in-law, Sherry XOXO :-)

  2. Happy Valentines Day Tara. Beautiful choices for your kitchen and your present totally Rocks :)

    Victoria ♥

  3. good luck on the kitchen reno, Ive been through it a few times in my life and let me tell you that washing dishes in the bath tub isn't fun at all!

    PS that is the cutest little fae!