Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just a little peak at my newest tree and plans :)

I have a basic start on this, but I wanted to show you the tree itself before I mess around with it too much. I think it's a pretty tree, much taller, thinner, and more majestic than those I have worked with before. Truly an outdoor style of tree this time. All I've added so far is a white garland and an owl sitting in his nest. And the base with snow of course.

The background in this last photo shows the village of Hogsmeade, see how it's all snowy?  This is why this tree has a snowy base and I added a puff of snow to the top of the tree as well.  What I plan to do is use this tree as a advertisement for the businesses of Hogsmeade, with a sign from each place of business and items surrounding it pertaining to what that business sells.  For example, Madame Puddifoot's Tea Shop sign will have tea related items around it.  Honeydukes will have candy of course, Zonkos Joke Shop will have gag items like extendable ears, The Hogs Head will have butterbear bottles, The Three Broomsticks will have pumpkin juice bottles, Gladrags Wizardwear will have crazy little socks hanging from the bottom of the sign (this is where Dobby buys his crazy socks he famously likes to wear when he becomes a free elf in the books), Hogsmeade Station (where the Hogwarts Express drops off the students) will have train tickets, etc.

Here is a quick look at a few of the unfinished business signs:
These will really be tricked out and designed to the best of my ability when I get going on this.  Each sign will be a small display of "related to that shop" items.

Sorry about the crappy pictures but I shot all these inside my photo cube because the wind is wicked outside today :(  Stay tuned to see what I do with this neat little outdoor tree :) 

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  1. You know how i love your trees, and HP too so really keen to see this one Tara! Love the snowy effect! xxxx