Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dollhouse Miniature Coraline Themed Tree is done :)

First let me welcome my newest followers!  Hi hons!  I'm not currently able to post comments on any one's blogs or even respond to comments here because of some crazy "tick" going on with blogger right now.  So please don't think I'm not reading or wishing I could respond to comments left here!  I appreciate every comment left on my work, whether good or bad :) 

Omg I barely had time to work on this tree because things have been so busy as my house!  School starts next week and thus we've been running around trying to get everything done and bought.  And there have been numerous doctor visits (taking my Mom and Grandma to the doctor as well as getting my kids school physicals, etc.) so there hasn't been much time.  Plus we're still trying to work on our house here and there since this well over a hundred years old farmhouse needs some TLC and fixing up.  Most nights finds me trudging upstairs late after cleaning up the supper mess to do a few little things to my minis before dropping into bed exhausted at 2 am.  My hope is that things will calm down a little and fall into a routine when school starts again!  Anyways, here's what I did with the Coraline tree:

Ok what I ended up doing was hand-sculpting the mouse, the Other Mother's needle hand, the Coraline doll with button eyes, and too many other little things that are too numerous to mention.  It took me quite awhile and tons of work.  But I think it turned out wonderful and highly detailed even though some of the things I might do to it didn't happen.  It was too full with what I did have on and around it to add more without ruining the look of it.  Plus I didn't want anything to distract from the well done sculptures beneath the tree.  I wanted to let them take center stage and trust me they are much better in person!  And the mangy cat sculpture has a wire frame for stability and strength.  The mouse's tail as well.  The tree is built strong :) 

It will be available in my store today because the customer who reserved it backed out due to personal reasons.  If anyone wants it please let me know if you need layaway.  Trust me when I say the price will be good compared to what other sellers would charge for this amount of work! 

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  1. Love everything Tara, the cat, the mouse, the spooky hand, its all awesome, wish I could win the lottery and put it with my other tree from you, as I love Coraline! Someone is going to be the lucky owner and will have a piece to treasure! Kate xxx