Saturday, June 4, 2011

When we reach 100 followers, we'll have a customer giveaway :)

Don't forget to go to my store if you have previously made a purchase in my store and leave me a message letting me know you are entering our 100 follower celebration giveaway! We are fast approaching 100 followers and this means we will be having a drawing for some sweet shop items. And also, we are asking for customer photos of a project or scene that you have made featuring at least one item that either Sherry or I have made. It's quite alright if your project is a work in progress and not complete! That is understandable :) We just want to feature customer photos on our giveaway celebration blog post. You can choose to remain nameless as well, or not, but we just want pictures of your projects! Again, contact me here:

and I wil give you my private email adress for you to send in your photos and tell us at that time if you would like to be nameless or if you'd like your username or nickname (not real name) on the blog under your photos. Welcome to my new followers! We're very glad to have you here :)

We want to feature you on our blogs! All it takes is one single purchase from 19th day minis to do both of these things! Free stuff and a blog feature that gets viewed all over the world? How cool is that?! Please contact me to join!

I'm so sorry to all of you out there who cannot join the giveaway! This one in particular is for customers who have supported our art and helped in our sales. There will be others, (like our last giveaway at 50 followers) that will be for everyone who follows this blog. I won't forget you dears! But I wanted to do something special for those who collect Sherry and I's work. They have made it possible for us to continue doing what we love and we want to give back to those people this time around. Hopefully you all can understand and bear with us until the next at 150 followers when it will be anybody's drawing!

I'll give you a sneak peak at what I've been making, although the pictures are terrible because they've been shot just after a rain outside on a few of them.  The shelves will be filled with candy when I'm done.  The side table is basically done, it just needs a couple little things adjusted for me to be happy with it. 

Another thing, this giveaway will be even more fun because 1st place winner gets first choice of the 3 items made, they get to pick which item they want.  Second place winner gets to pick of the last two items, and the third place winner gets the last item available, sorry but hey it's still free!  Here's what I'm making:

The larger of the two shelves, far from done.

Yucky pictures from our horrible weather, but I'm sure you can tell what I mean.

Here's the second shelf, smaller:

Pretty in pink :)

Candy swirl brackets.

And here's the little side table with lollipop display:

The base needs a little work yet.  It will end up a little different but you get the idea.

If you have made a purchase from our store, please contact me here to join the giveaway:
leave me a message letting me know you're signing up!



  1. All signed up Tara and keeping everything crossed to win one of these fantastic miniatures! Kate xxx

  2. This shelves are beautiful and in my colours. I look every day for 100 followers. Yes, sometimes it is so far. Regards with love from Craftland