Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dollhouse Miniature Steampunk Under the Sea Pirate Kraken Alter

Under the crushing depths of the sea lies a place where the sweetest sinners go to lay out their plunder and treasures :) Here perhaps you might find cursed aztec gold or empty bottles of rum :) Maps of desserted isles with buried treasure, chests of treasure they haven't hidden yet, cases of spirits, love tokens and paintings of mermaids, keys to chests that may or may not contain beating hearts, anchors and chains, and even a gorgeous watery alter to pay homage to the terrible beasty the kraken :) Here even are clippings of sunken ships that now lay on the bottom of this treacherous place that one may visit if they have the curse upon them or are in the company of Davy Jones. A ghost ship bone yard down deep in the blue oblivion.

This is what I was trying to capture with this piece. I think it turned out very well although my pictures are fuzzy due to the lens fogging up from humidity here right now.  Take my word (which is honest and good :) that this is stunning in person! Pictures never capture it anyway. They never do these things justice.

Here's what I came up with:

I worked on this while I was waiting on some supplies to come in for the HP minis.  They did come in so I'm returning to work on them now.

Comments back:
Muito obrigado pelo elogio querida! Eles são sempre apreciados:) Big hugs-Tara, Miniatures dia 19


  1. Você fez um trabalho incrível com o 'altar pirata'. Parabéns!

  2. What a gorgeous and thoughtful gift Tara. The pirate Minis are awesome, really original. Beautiful necklace too, how do you find the time for so many beauties!! Kate xxx