Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yet another miniature Harry Potter Honeydukes piece nearly complete :)

I've been waiting on another cabinet to come in, a custom order for one of my clients.  While I was waiting, I went ahead and did a little project out of this bench:
The picture is kind of dark but you get the idea of what it formerly looked like.

I wanted to make it a candy holder somehow, to work it into the Honeydukes theme I've been working on.  Here's what I came up with:

I'm not quite done, I still have to build and paint a little wooden paper bag holder for the end of one side.  And I still have to fill one barrel, because the candy barrels will also have the honeydukes sign on the front and they go with this bench.  This set is one of a kind, I do not have another bench and don't know if I could find another this long.  The bench is around 6 inches long!  That should tell you how big these pumpkin candy holders are!  They are decent in size. 

Yes that jack-o-lantern is puking Bertie Botts every flavor beans :)  That would be my weird sense of humor at work there :)  I can't express just how much better this is in person.  You can't make out the fine details like the sugar sparkles on the candies :(  They are so much prettier than this picture shows!  The last barrel will have peppermint toads in it :)  Each one has a sign in it with the candy label.  Hard to see on these pics.

The white pumpkin is not unfinished, he is one of those ghost pumpkins that have naturally off-white flesh.  
I'll post pictures of the finished set tomorrow before I list it for general sale in my store.  I will get it done because it looks like my custom ordered cabinet will be in tomorrow and then I'm making that for my customer.  She wanted my cabinet but with custom colors instead.  She making a darker in theme candy cellar.  So she needed a darker color scheme.  I'll post pictures after I get it done.    


  1. That is so much fun!! Great job and I love the pumpkin spitting out the Bertie Botts beans. :-)

  2. SO much fun! Looking forward to seeing the darker cabinets too! Bet youve really enjoyed making all of this set! Kate xxx

  3. The pumpkin candy dispensers are great!

    Victoria ❤