Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Progress report on Honeydukes Sweets

Ok I got a little busy with housecleaning today so I didn't get as far as I'd like to have on my sweet trolley :(  But I did get a little done.  I'm waiting on parts coming in from online stores to get really far into everything so I'm stuck until they get here.  I needed some pretty little paper doilies to put on the trolley under some sweets I'll be making:
except the one I use on there will be spray painted red because I need a pop of red on the trolley to tie it and the cabinet together.  Plus it just looks great next to the aqua. 

I also picked up a small cauldron to sit on a shelf of the cabinet:

Of course this will be filled with sweets as well :)

Speaking of sweets, I was inspired by the coils of candy cones on display in the real Honeydukes shop in the theme park:

See them up above the glass jars of candy?  I love those!
So I decided to do my own version of them:

Although brighter and covered in more foodie decorations like fruit and candy.
Here's the back view where you can really see the chocolate cone I made with chocolate shavings and a cherry on top:

And here's a view of the whole thing now although it's far from done:
Oh and, see the little pastry on the witch's plate?  That would be the start of a stack of Pumpkin Pasties, remember that from the movie?  Cho Chang asks for those off the trolley on the Hogwarts Express :)
I was inspired by this photo of the real thing made by a fan of the movies:

Which is fun to make for the kids!  Here's the website I got it from:
in case you'd like to try the Hogwarts foods :)
Here's a close up shot of mine I made:
Which now I see needs a tiny hint of brown around the edge so it looks more "baked" :)  Of course I'll be making a stack of them for this platter and a Pumpkin Pastie Sign.  Fun!  But what you can't see is that this little pastry is "sugared" looking.  It has a hint of crystalline shimmer to it as though it were sprinkled with sugar before going into the oven.  You also can't see in the picture that the top has cuts in it that allowed the pumpkin filling to ooze out a bit.  So there is a tiny bit of orange jelly coming from the cuts.  I wish you guys could see what I see here in front of me!  I'll keep posting updates as I go along on this set.  Ta Ta for now! 


  1. You do such great research Tara! I hate having to wait on materials dont you , when you just want to get on with it. Get the boring housework done now as when it all comes youll be dying to make all those goodies! xxx

  2. Beautiful sweets! The waiting is agony, but it sure looks like you wasted no time working on something else. Great fun to look at.

  3. I am spring cleaning my kitchen tomorrow. Yuk!

  4. Wonderful sweets, making me feel hungry.