Friday, December 10, 2010

2nd Place Giveaway Winner Victoria's Prize and Store Coupons!

I am finally done!  After an icky few days where we had a carbon monoxide scare and we had to leave home for a day I'm back in business.  First of all, if you don't have a detector, you should get one.  Second of all, if you do have one...make sure it WORKS properly.  Apparently ours went on the fritz and decided to give a false positive readout and subsequent frightening alarm telling me my home was filling with poisonous gas...which it wasn't.  Hubbs came rushing home from work, we cleared out and waited for a service man to come save us from imminent death.  Or so we thought!  Damn thing scared me to death for nothing, grrr.  They can save lives, so you should have one anyway.  So off we went to get another "working" alarm, hehe. 

Anywho, after much drama around the Hays house, I finally was able to complete Victoria's prize.  She wanted a "dark" themed item.  I went for darkness and light by making a potion crate based on this old German legendary curative which cures Lycanthropy Virus:

Wolfsbane Potion

Wolfsbane (Aconite or Monks-hood

Here is a recipe taken from a German legend :

Cast a circle of 9 feet, and a smaller one only 4 feet in diameter.

Place a series of candles at equal intervals, and place a wooden altar in the south. Within the inner circle, place the werewolf

Build a small fire exactly opposite of the altar, and 1 1/2 foot away from the inner circle.

Place a pot over the fire, containing 2 pints of clear water. To this add:

1/2 oz. camphor

3/4 oz. ammonia

1/2 oz. hypericum

2 drachms sulfur

1/2 oz castorium

6 drachms opium

3 drachms asafoetida

Mix thoroughly. Bind together with red ribbon a wand of three sprigs, each from ash, white popular, and birch. Take a cupful of the searing liquid and douse the werewolf, as well as lashing him/her with the wand exclaiming "Foul spirit release this persons' soul, return to the great unknown!" Repeat 3 times."

So I fashioned a wooden crate by hand and filled with the items needed to complete the cure:  a bottle of wolfsbane potion, a hand-sculpted beat up pewter cauldron, a blood-stained alter cloth that has obviously seen some action, a holy cross for protection, a wolf charm for blessing, a wand, sacramental candles for the alter, and a rolled parchment with the above directions that can be removed to read (be careful though!)  The crate itself it finished in dark stain, weathered and distressed for an aged look.  Ok so here's my craptacular pictures (whaa, need new camera!):

Like usual, so much better in person!  But hey, you get the idea :)

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  1. OMG Tara! This is so wonderful I am crying. You know how much I love werewolves. This is the Best!!! I will treasure this always.

    Victoria ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  2. What a fright you must have all had but I love this piece! Have emailed you about my amazing flowers!

  3. So pleased you are all ok, what a shock! Thats a fantastic giveaway prize, I love it, the little bottles are awesome! KAte xx

  4. Que fantastico trabajo, me encanta enhorabuena!!!
    besitos ascension

  5. Hi Sweetie,

    You just keep getting better! ! ! I guess I will have to step up on my work to keep up with your awesome creations. But, then I don't have to worry because you are my mentor and my teacher so I get the best of everything. Keep up the great work and congrat's to the winners - you are receiving some beautiful creations by Tara. XOXO Mom

  6. you had me at wolfsbane

    Lovely work!

    Marisa :)