Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm sick of fairies for a little while! I must make spooky once more!

I am pooped out on fairy stuff right now.  I will be back with more but I'm shifting focus over to some dark themed items for the upcoming Halloween season.  After all, I just joined the Etsy Dark Team and my shop is shockingly low on anything "dark".  I've sold most of what I had made up.  I admit I've gotten distracted and my shop is pretty low right now anyway.  Too much going on here with the kids and their friends and my whole family.  We aren't one of those get together every few months families...oh no.  We are more like the type of family where people just randomly show up in droves and have an impromptu cookout where Tara runs around like a crazy broad trying to serve everyone.  There's been a lot of that lately.  I've been ran out of my house, out of food, and out of steam power to go on :(  So my store has suffered...bummer.  I'm trying to get back into the swing of things though, despite the ruckus around here.

Which brings me to the point of what I'm here to write about anyway.  I like a challenge, I like pushing myself past personal boundaries when I'm creating something.  I like the thrill of the unknown...wondering if I CAN make this thing I'm thinking about making.  Can I?  Well, I'll see I guess.  That's how I'm approaching minis right now.  It's about learning something new, new tricks.  So here's what I did:

Looking at my stock out in my shop, I notice the lack of cool furniture pieces to make something with.  I have the regular plain jane craft store cabinets that I am sick to death of looking at :(  But hey I have them.  They need used for something, right?  But how when I detest the sight of them and the "sameness" they bring into my life?  So I'm looking at them and looking and it dawns on me.  Tear the dang things apart and rebuild them in a new way!  Now they may break while I'm yanking them apart.  They are glued after all.  Luckily they really don't fall apart too bad during deconstruction.  What I come up with is a much longer cabinet of the "store display shelf" variety.  Twice as long, because I have twice the cabinet involved. 

Now I'm excited!  Project!  So soon you all shall see me build from scratch my "One Stop Witch's Apothecary Shop" display!  Now I plan on tricking this thing out like none other.  No cutting corners, no "leaving well enough alone" on any part of it :)  Every bottle, every tottle will be done with the upmost decorum!  And the shelf is already pretty cool if I do say so myself :)  I'll post pics as I go along...but not now because I'm TIRED.  And I have to get up with the kids and get them on the bus.  And then I have to finish up a custom Harry Potter order I have to do first.  Those take awhile to make sometimes...and this is my 3rd potions chest set.


  1. Tara, This new project sounds wonderful, cant wait to see it.I just know your HP chest is going to be awesome and you know how much I NEED a book of Monsters but Ill resist til you feel like making one again lol! Its great to see someone with so much enthusiasm and Im sure it will show through on this project! Looking forward to all your new minis. I love the sound of your huge family get togethers too, even if you dont!! My family are all too far away to see regularly, Id love big family days like that! I suppose you always want what you cant have! Kate xx

  2. Tara, I hear you on sick of fairies. I think you're on to it now. This is going to be Awesome I can tell. I have to do dark sometimes too, so shoo those fairies away and get busy with the witch because I can't wait to see it hee hee.

    Victoria :)

  3. Man did I sound like a big whiner or what??? Ok I'm over my pity party I seemed to be throwing for myself last night :) I'm back to work tonight (just taking a little break). And in better spirits too! Yikes, I just get tired sometimes. It doesn't help that I sometimes work most of the night and then get up with the kids a few hours later. But I work better at night, don't know why but I do. ~Tara


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