Monday, July 26, 2010

Captured Fairy Jars

I'm making a tiny little captured fairy jar.  I start with a tiny hand-sculpted fairy around two inches long.  I decorate her, dress her, add hair and arrange her hair into a wild little fairy girl style. 
Her wings are real dragonfly wings, hardened and glittered.  And no I did not kill the poor little thing, he was the victim of a horrible head on car crash.  Namely, he crashed into the front grill of my Dad's car.  I figured I was preserving what was left of his beauty :) 

I'll post updates as I work on her jar environment.

Very bad inside-after dark picture that I'll change tomorrow of her inside her jar which is done inside now.  Very hard to tell how cute this is in person.

I plan on doing a raffia bow once I lid this with a hang tag on it telling her name, location she was caught, how big she is, vital info and a release back into the wild date :)

Her hang tag reads:
Captured Fairy
Genus:  La Dormetta de Poitou
Explanation:  Sleep Fairy, assures children have pleasant dreams
Location captured:  Within the Ardennes Hills of France
Name of the fairy captured:  a wee little Fae by the name of Anastaise
Date Captured:  July 26th, 2010
Release Date:  July 30, 2010
Currently for sale in my store

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  1. She is the most darling fairy I've ever seen! I'm glad to learn that you let her go later! X)