Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Mermaid Cove Seashell Cabinet

Hi everyone :)  How have you all been this summer?  I hope you've had a great one!

We're still working on our old farmhouse, and that has really kept me away from minis for quite some time. I'm really trying to fit some mini work in when I can, which is few and far between still at this point.  I'm on a beachy, ocean kick.  We're doing our bathrooms nautical inspired, after a recent trip to the ocean.  We were reminded of how much we love it there.  Here in Illinois we don't have much of an ocean view, so I'm bringing all things related to the sea to us :)  It's fun, and we all love it.  Here's a photo feed of the kinds of fun things we're getting for our new bathrooms if anyone likes nautical things:

So in the middle of designing a couple of nautical bathrooms, it made me want to make a nautical mini.  I started by painting the cabinet a weathered gray because it's a nice light nautical base color. I pearlized the handles, added sparkling sands, beach glass, seashells of all kinds, a hand-made seashell topper for the cabinet which looks like a nautical crown of sorts. There are treasures abounding all over the cabinet, the sort of thing a mermaid might pick up in her daily travels around the ocean. There are water plants growing from the sandy outcroppings of the cabinet, a ship in a bottle, jewels, two genuine stone dolphins, one in jade and the other in rose quartz. The top of the cabinet sports a lovely seashell flower arrangement with gray pearl, a cute vintage photo of a mermaid child, and a basket of beachy flowers and seashells. A gorgeous framed copy of Waterhouse's "The Mermaid" painting graces the door of the cabinet which does not open (sand and plants in front of it).

Roughly 7 1/2 inches tall because of the greenery sticking up, the base is around 4 3/4 inches wide. 

Available here:

Have a great "rest of the summer", what's left of it guys and girls!  Have a blessed day :)

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