Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I've been up to lately in Dollhouse Miniatures :)

Ok I have been working, I just haven't blogged for awhile.  Really busy around here like usual, yikes.

Here's what's come up since I last blogged, although some of it has now sold:

Fairy fireplace (sold)
Steampunk Wizard/Witch floor chest with Leafy Forest Dragon guarding her eggs (available)
Cottage style magically pouring fairy tea set (sold)
Cottage style magically pouring fairy tea set (sold)
Romantic style magically pouring fairy tea set (sold)

And finally this I just finished up today, another fairy sewing notion cabinet and stool set:

Available here:

And I'd like to post a link to Sherry and I's jewelry shop once again:

Some new things will soon be added to that shop as well.  And many nice things are currently in there now :)


  1. These are all amazing. I especially love your T sets a great take on the mad hatters T party. x

  2. Love your tea sets and the fireplace and and...ok I confess I really like them all! Thanks for sharing you mini creations.

  3. Como me gustan esas teteras suspendidas, son m√°gicas!!!