Thursday, September 6, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Mallymkun Dormouse in Dollhouse Miniature

I just finished her up today and I think she's really close enough to Tim Burton's dormouse version as seen here:

I tried to get her as close as could at my skill level in sculpting so hopefully you all think my version is passable:

Of course the glare here is much worse because the light is too bright outside.  Hopefully soon I can take far better pictures because my darling Mother in Law just got me a great new camera for my birthday and Christmas present this year :)  I'm so excited!  Finally I'll be able to take decent photographs without a huge different in how the minis look from the photograph to seeing it in person.  Can't wait!

What do you all think?  Does this look enough like her that you'd know who this character is if I didn't tell you?  Let me know.  Hugs everyone, now onward with the March Hare!  


  1. dirty up the fur a bit, she looks too clean ( a little bit of artist chalk to high light her high traffic areas some orange,red,yellow and tan should do it..she is a mouse after all) other than that I think you got it spot on your skills are better than mine when it comes to animals :)


    PS don't forget her mascara around the eyes, she is a thespian mousey :)

  2. She's actually more gray/white in color but my crappy camera glares white so badly that even slight off white appears as titanium white in the photos. But the eyelashes are a good idea though! Thanks for the input :)

  3. Shes absolutely wonderful Tara!! And so tiny! That whole arrangement of her on the stools on the books is so much like the film! What a stunning piece!! Can't wait to see her added to the full scene and to see the next characters you make :D