Saturday, July 21, 2012

Some Dollhouse or regular Miniatures I've got done and are currently listed :)

I was getting tired of working on the Mad Tea Party and had to take a little break so I didn't do a bad job of it.  So much of that is putting the movie on pause so I can examine the furniture and things on the table which gets a little tiresome.  So I did a few projects in between.  I'm back on it now and I'll update as soon as I get somewhere on it.  But I wanted to show you what I did get done in the time I was on break from the tea party scene:

Miniature Harry Potter or Witch Or Wizard From Egg To Inferno, A             Dragon Keeper's Guide Book

                              Miniature Witch Kitchen Cabinet

                                  Miniature Witchy Voodoo Cabinet

                                   Miniature Captured Fairy in a Glass Jar

                                     Miniature Forest Fairy Theme Tree 

                                    and Hand-Sculpted Miniature  Fairy

And now I'm back to work on the mad tea party :)

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