Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Winners of the giveaway announced!

I would like to congratulate the winners of the 19th Day Miniatures Blog Giveaway!  Winners will please contact me through my store with your home addresses!  I know who you are, because I have your "join" emails but I will need to know where I'm shipping to :)

First place goes to....Michael of Michael's Magical Miniatures!  His blog is here where he's doing a fabulous Harry Potter scene:

Michael if you could please pop in with your address it's much easier for me that way :)  Congrats on first choice of the mandrakes!  They are much nicer in person, trust me.  My pictures didn't turn out well at all.

Second choice goes to...Rosamargarita!  Here is her lovely miniature blog:
Please stop in and give me your shipping address Rosamargarita, congrats!

Third place goes to...Anna of Its a tiny tiny World:

Again I'll need you to pop into my store again with your address Anna :)

She will receive the last mandrake plant.  Congrats!  Please stop in with your home address so I can ship you your mini.

I will let Rosamargarita know as soon as I get word from Michael on his choice.  The other two she can choose from.  Anna will get the remaining plant-but hey, free is free right?  Even though the pictures make them look worse than they really are, they are all pretty similar and much nicer than in the photos!  If I had my choice from where I'm setting, there really isn't much of a difference to me.  They're all pretty good and I know the winners will think they are much better than those pictures show them to be!

Yay winners!  Thank you to all who joined and please remember there will be more giveaways!  You could be one of the next winners :)  Hugs everyone-Tara, 19th Day Minis


  1. OH. My. GOD I WON!!!!!
    I was praying that I won as I clicked on your link to read the full post and I can't believe it!!! EEEEEEK I'm so excited. ALL the plants are just amazing and I would be honored to own any one of them!! YAY YAY Thank you!!

  2. Gané! el segundo premio!
    Gracias Tara
    Voy a Etsy ahora.
    Un abrazo

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winners! Jennifer