Friday, January 28, 2011

A sneak peak at a cake for a very tyrannical lady :)

Off with his head!  All ways here are MY ways!

A cake made for a temperamental girl like this better be fabulous!  Or you may lose your head :)  Just ask the Red Queen herself, and I'm sure she'd tell you to make her a cake just like this one...or else!
I finally finished this little darling :)  I am really happy with it.  It took me some time.  I hand-sculpted the whole thing except the flowers.  Every diamond, every heart, every little trim of frosting-all hand-made.  Whew!  It's 2 and 3/8 inches tall.  Now I have to start the tadpoles on toast and that will be so much fun!  This cart will truly be one of a kind.  I can't see making this over again unless the offer to do so is high enough.  This cake took me three days (on and off) of clay and painting work.  It wasn't easy for me :o


  1. Hi Sweetie,

    I know that it wasn't an easy ordeal for you to complete this cake, but, I just want to say I think you out did yourself - It is so beautiful. I know that the rest of the items that you will be making for this cart will be just as amazing. Great work Sweetie, you need to be proud of yourself.

    Love, Mom-in-Law, Sherry XOXO ;-)

  2. Amazing cake Tara, the Red Queen should have no complaints. I plan to read The Graveyard Book next. I have books that I read every couple of years and so does my daughter. I can't wait to see the rest of the tea cart and tadpole toast makes me giggle.

    Victoria ♥

  3. I wrote a huge comment and poof its dissapeared, must be the Hatter playing games lol!! anyway just to say the cake is just superb, a real masterpiece Tara! Sa when family splits , I know the feeling and all I can say is sometimes despite being the one to put yourself out to mend bridges you can only do so much and if they still dont want to know, well then as sad as it feels ,your better off getting on with the family who are close and who you love and who love you. Your children are your world, i can tell that and they know you love them heaps which is the only thing that matters! Hugs, Kate xxx