Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Sold Witch Shop Updates

A little more full, been busy with family visiting from afar :)  I also have little black witch boots made but I'm putting them into a little paper box like they would be at a store.  They will go on the middle bottom shelf in between the flowers and living death draught.  This is still far from done, even the shelves that look done are not because they'll be a little mossy or I'll add scrolls around stuff.  I did get the display table done though.  A new book was added, a witchy flower arrangement in a skull vase, some bottles, and a detailed little wand with a feather decoration hanging from it.  I also finished the joke witch death warrants barrel as well.  Sometimes a witch just needs to play a practical joke on a friend you know :)  I plan on darkening this thing up a little with some more sinister-looking potion bottles and accessories.  Still aways to go on it before I'm happy with  it.  But I'll get there, hopefully I can work on it tonight some.  I'll keep posting as I go along.   


  1. Te ha quedado francamente genial!!!
    Me encantan tus ideas y tus acabados.
    besitos ascension

  2. Youve been really busy Tara, looks great, beautiful witches hat! Kate xx

  3. Oooh it Looks amazing i really love it